Mechanical Polarization Controller

The Fiberlogix  mechanical polarization controller provides complete Poincare sphere coverage by adjusting the angles of the user-friendly paddles. The design utilizes three wave plates with fixed retardation and variable orientation angles to control the State of Polarization. The flexibility of the paddle design allows you to install a variety of fibers for use at different wavelengths. Additional options including integrated polarizers are available. These devices can be tailored to meet most application requirements.  Please contact our technical design team to your discuss specific requirements.


  • DWDM Systems
  • PMD and PDL measurements set-up
  • Laboratory Use
  • Optical Transmission Systems
  • Test and measurement set-up
  • Fiber sensors


  • User friendly
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low cost
  • Low back reflection
  • Wideband

        PS: Currently Electronically controlled Polarization controller is under development.

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