Specialty Fiber

Fiberlogix design and manufacture innovative specialty fiber (Functional Fiber) for the applications in Optical Networks for improving component performance and enhancing network functionality.

Our specialty fibers offer solutions for “Harsh Environments” that are capable of operating in range of low and high temperatures. These can range from -73 to +1200 Degree C.

Some of the solutions are:

  • Standard Acrylate Coated Fibers. -40 to + 85 Degree C
  • High Temperature Acrylate Coated Fibers. -45 to +150 to 200 Degree C. (long/short term)
  • High Temperature Polyimide Coated Fibers. -73 to + 300 to 350 Degree C. (long/short term)
  • Carbon/Polyimide Coated fibers for Harsh and Hydrogen Rich Operating Conditions. (Oil & Gas)
  • Metal Coated Fiber options. Aluminum, Copper-Alloy, Gold and Sapphire Coating

Bespoke and customized solutions are also available for special and challenging applications. Please contact our design team for detailed discussion.