Polyimide Coated Fiber Stripper


  • Chemical Free (No need for hot acid)
  • Mid-window or end stripping·
  • Strips Polyimide, Metals, carbon and Acrylate
  • Variable window stripping for lengths of 1mm up to 75mm
  • Bench top or portable for field application
  • High 1st pass yield
  • Accommodates (80 /250 /400/600/1000 um) fiber diameters
  • Fast and precise


The instrument has been specially designed to remove difficult fiber coatings like polyimide, metallization orcarbon from the surface of an optical fiber, without significantly compromising mechanical or physical fiber properties.
The ALL-Strip™ is designed for quick, precise, chemical free stripping for most of the coatings on optical fibers used in telecom, sensors and medical application. The instrument offers clean and high mechanical strength stripped fibers with diameters of 80/250/400/600/1000um. This new technology instantly removes the fiber coating. It results in a clean, without any physical damage and with high mechanical strength stripped fiber, comparable to any mechanical or chemical stripping process. The fiber is free of debris at 100X magnification as shown below.
The ALL-Stripper™ can also be used in the field with a battery options. The Bench top unit offers high quality, repeatability, precision and high production yield.


  • Approximate dimensions 200W x 100D x 150H mm
  • Power Sources- Internal rechargeable battery; External Power Supply 90-264 V AC, 47-63Hz