Electronically Addressed Polarization controller


  • Devices are based on All-fiber and specialty fibers.
  • Smaller package dimension can also be custom made
  • Others output fibers configuration is also available on request.
  • Devices can be integrated with In Line fiber Polarizers or other PM devices on request.
  • Specifications can be tailored to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Devices are designed to meet the Telcordia qualification.
  • All specifications are worst case for the wavelength range selected; actual products commonly exhibit better specification.
  • Other wavelength can be accommodated, please consult our sales team.
  • OEM version and Bench unit are also available on request.
  • 19 inch rack configuration with 8 or 16 channel instruments are also available on request.


The FiberLogix all-fiber optical State of Polarization (SOP) controller provides electronic variation of any arbitrary input SOP to any other state. The device is based on unique combination of “specialty optical fiber”and “side polish technology”. One element provides closed circle in the Poincare sphere, two elements: take a linear polarization anywhere on the whole Poincare sphere.three elements: take any polarization anywhere on the sphere. four elements: provide no-reset full continuous coverage The polarization controller can be configured to operated manually through external analog control pins supplies or computer controlled for application in autotracking systems.


  • Wavelength
  • 1060,1300,1480, 1550 and 1620 nm
  • Configuration
  • 1,2,3 or 4 stages
  • Response Time
  • <1msec on and <10msec off
  • Insertion
  • 70dB
  • Return loss dB
  • 50
  • Storage temp.
  • -5 to 85°C
  • Operating Temperature
  • -5 to 80 °C
  • Fiber type
  • SMF 28
  • Pigtail option
  • 1m fiber standard or 0.5m, 900um optional
  • Electrical Requirements
  • 5V, 80mA max.
  • Package size
  • 150x20x10mm (bare fiber)