In Line All-Fiber Polarizers – 800nm to 1060nm


  • All fiber construction
  • Small size
  • High Extinction ratio
  • Low loss
  • Low back reflection
  • Wideband
  • Rugged packaging


Fiberlogix in-line, all-fiber polarizers are manufactured using a unique evanescent field substrate fabrication technology. This enables the Polarizer to be fabricated directly onto the fiber, both for SM and PM, which does not interrupt the optical path. Fiberlogix polarizers are available in a series of performance grades and typical specifications are shown overleaf. Choosing the right match of Polarizer to your application allows you to balance component cost and performance.

These devices can be tailored to meet a very wide range of operating environments and your specific applications -please contact our technical design team to discuss specific requirements. Our in house process expertise allow to offer extremely tight control on the optical performance, quality and reliability. These devices are designed to meet Telcordia standards GR1209 and GR1221


  • Extinction ratio (max) dB (SM/SM)
  • >40
  • Extinction ratio (max) dB (SM/PM)
  • >35
  • Extinction ratio (max) dB (PM/PM)
  • >30
  • Insertion loss (typical) dB (SM/SM)
  • <1
  • Insertion loss (typical) dB (SM/PM)
  • <1
  • Insertion loss (typical) dB (PM/PM)
  • 70
  • Max Input Power W
  • ~1W
  • Transportation/Storage C
  • -40 to 85
  • Operating temperature C
  • -20 to 80


  • Optical networks
  • PMD and PDL measurements equipment
  • Fiber Gyro
  • Space and Military applications
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Fiber sensors