In Line Power Monitor


  • Replace tap coupler-photodiode
  • Small size
  • Non Invasive
  • Low loss
  • Low back reflection
  • Small foot print
  • All fiber construction


Non-Invasive, In-Line design ensures low insertion loss and near zero Back Reflection.

FiberLogix's Power Monitor uses their All-Fiber patented Evanescent Field technology to provide accurate, stable power monitoring over a wide signal range with minimal impact on signal quality. Since the technology is non-invasive, i.e. the signal path is not interrupted, low insertion loss, low PDL and Near Zero Back Reflection are assured. The FiberLogix Integrated Fiber Optic Solutions (IFOS™) technology, using evanescent field control, is uniquely suitable for integration at component and sub-component level to create more complex units. For instance, the Power Monitor can be directly fused into other components, such as AWG mux or demux, switches or VOAs to create cost effective, high performance integrated components or modules. Contact Fiberlogix direct to discuss your requirement.


  • Wavelength range nm
  • 980,1060,1300,1400,1500
  • Channels
  • 1 or 4
  • PDL dB
  • 0.05 typ., 0.1max
  • Respossivity A/w
  • 1-5mA/W (depending on tap ratio
  • WDL dB
  • +/-0.1dB typ., 0.15 max.
  • Retrun Loss dB
  • >70
  • Input power range W
  • >5
  • Wavelength dependent response dB
  • +/-1.3dB typ., +/-1.4dB max( 1510-1610nm)
  • Polarization dependent response dB
  • 0.3
  • Dark current nA
  • 5
  • Operating temperature C
  • -20 to +85
  • Pigtail options m
  • ~1
  • Fiber type
  • SMF-28, PM Panda, Flexcore1060, custom fiber
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  • EDFA gain module
  • Raman amplifier
  • Integrated Modules
  • Space and Military applications
  • Precision Power control
  • CATV